Doggie Daycare:

Single/Full Day   $20

1/2 Day  $15

Daycare Packages:

5 Full Days  $95 ($19 each day)

10 Full Days  $175 ($17.50 each day)

Additional fee of $5 per day for unaltered males

Play groups are assigned based on personality, size and play-style.  Playtime includes interacting with other dogs, chasing balls, tug-a-war...as well as paparazzi photos, nap time and Tiki snacks.

All playtime is supervised by a Tiki Paws associates.

Daycare Schedule:

7:30                  Open to guest - playtime and interacting with other guest begins

11:00               Potty breaks

12:00-2:00  Tiki snack and a little R&R (Rest and Relaxation time-Office is Closed)

2:00-5:30      Potty break and more playtime while interacting with other guest

                             Ready to return home  

Overnight Boarding:

$25 per night

Additional guest from the same household received a 25% discount

All overnight guest will enjoy all day daycare/playtime at no additional charge.

Guest Schedule During Their Stay:

7:30-9:00     Morning potty breaks and breakfast time

9:00-12:00  Playtime / interaction with other guest and potty break prior to naptime

12:00-2:00  Tiki snack and a little R & R (Rest and Relaxation time-Office is Closed)

2:00-6:00      Potty break, Playtime and interaction with other guest

6:00                 Dinner, R&R time with relaxing Tiki music.   Last potty break and a chance to                                stretch one last time before lights out.

Items to Remember:

*No need to bring bedding or bowls

*Feel free to bring a blank or toy to make him/her feel more comfortable.  However, we

                cannot guarantee the condition when returned

*Bring food from home so we can keep him/her on their regular diet

*If medication is needed, please bring along with written instructions for administering

                (there is no additional charge for administering medication)

Menu of Services



Doggie Daycare

Over Night Boarding

In-Home Pet Sitting

(limited area)

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Open Monday - Friday

7:30am - Noon

Closed from 12-2pm


Saturday/Sunday 7:30-9:30AM or 5-6PM

In Home Care

In Home Care is available in a limited area.

Price is based on clients needs, medication administered, number of trips per day...  Call for more details.