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Most of us grew up with The Little Rascals.
Pete the Pup or Petey as we might remember him in Our Gang/Little Rascals was an American Pit Bull born in 1929.  He was registered with AKC as Lucenay’s Peter was well as registered with UKC as Purple Ribbon Peter.  Many knew Petey by the circle around his eye which was added by Hollywood.   It was 1935/1936 the AKC changed the name from American Pit Bull to American Staffordshire Terrier.   They did not want to be associated with the name Pit Bull and the history that came with it.  Many say Petey (Lucenay’s Peter) was the first Pit Bull to be registered with AKC & UKC.
Petey died January 1946 – 2 years after Our Gang/Little Rascals series ended.  He is buried at a Los Angeles pet memorial.
It’s amazing many years ago we couldn’t get enough of that Pit Bull…Now, today many Pit Bulls are banned from counties in the US or even put to death just because of the name “Pit Bull” 

posted  4/2/15

The original Rin Tin Tin was a Shepard who was rescued and trained by a WWI soldier.  He went on to star in 26 Warner Brother movies earning $6,000/wk.  Today that would be roughly $78,000/wk making him the top paid dog to date. 

Pal who played Lassie was earned $4,000/wk which would be equal to $51,000 today.

posted 3/12/15

Tiki Bits (of information)

Brunswick  County has a wide range of snakes and there are times our pets will come in contact with one.  Approximately 30% of bites are dry bites (nonpoisonous).  Dogs are more often bitten in the head, neck, front legs and paws because they explore with their nose, head & paws.  If your dog has been bitten by a snake, try to identify the type of snake (poisonous or nonpoisonous)  Bite marks are not always visible because of the pet’s hair and/or the size of the snakes fangs.  Initial signs when venom is injected include pain, swelling, oozing blood around 2 fang or wound sites.  The dog may also become nervous, depressed, appear weak, salivate excessively, vomit or have convulsions.  Immediately reduce the level of activity.  If he was bit around the head area, loosen or remove his collar.  The bite area can become painful & swollen very quickly.  Transport him directly to veterinarian.

Balto-a jet black Siberian Husky sled dog, led his team of 150 sled dogs & 20 mushers on the final leg of the 1925 Serum Run To Nome to combat an outbreak of diphtheria. They journeyed 674 miles in 5 1/2 days saving the small city of Nome Alaska by delivering well needed medications. Many of the sled dogs died during the run and musher became ill and frost bitten. Some lost fingers and/or toes. These dogs were able to use their senses to get them through the whiteout blizzards. Upon arriving in Nome, Balto received headline coverage in the US & became 1 of the most famous canine celebrities. His statue is a popular tourist attraction in NYC Central Park. Balto was born in 1919 and named after the well known explorer, Samuel Balto. He died in 1933

​posted 3/20/15

Now that the extreme heat is among us, please remember your 4 legged furry children.  Dogs with the shorter (smashed in) noses are more at risk of over heating or heat stroke.  

Updated 6/20/15

Giving our 4 legged children human meds are not always good.  Here is a good list which are Vet approved

​Posted 3/27/15

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